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Orange Julius stand circa 1926


Nothing rhymes with orange

And we're OK with that. Because for us, it's not about blending into the crowd. It's about consistently being our unique selves. And celebrating the inexplicable taste our friends have come to love.

So be an original.

Keep it fresh.

Keep it real.

The world will catch up

Orange Julius stand circa 1926

Keeping it real since 1926

It all started with a guy who really liked oranges. People called him Julius Freed. Julius liked oranges so much, in fact, that he opened his very own orange juice stand. Sales were slow. But Julius was not alone. He had a friend named Bill Hamlin. Bill also really liked oranges, but they upset his stomach. So Bill got an idea: he blended his orange juice with a few choice ingredients to make it less acidic. It also happened to make it frothy and delicious.Bill introduced the drink to Julius. Julius introduced the drink to his customers. His customers introduced their friends. And soon the store was lined with thirsty fans shouting, “Give me an orange, Julius!” Sales went through the roof and an original was born.

What's up with the Dairy Queen® thing?

The good people at DQ® were also drawn to the irresistible and inexplicable taste found at Orange Julius. They loved it so much they bought the company. In 1987, Orange Julius became "a fully owned subsidiary of International Dairy Queen." That's lawyer speak for "now you can get your Dilly® Bar where you get your Julius® Original!”

* Slow clap for progress!*At a DQ/Orange Julius location, of course

Drawing of DQ Store
First 1964: Orange Julius official drink of World's Fair in New York. Then 1965: Orange Julius official drink of Intergalactic Fair in Andromeda Galaxy.

The 1964 World's Fair was dedicated to Man's Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe.” So it came as no surprise that the Julius Original would become the official drink. The world was catching up to the crisp, frothy taste of the future. A lot of people visited the Fair. And a few of those concept cars looked a little like spaceships. Just sayin’…

The Majestic Pines Arena was packed. The stakes had never been greater. Would McMahon retain his title? He had been severely injured in the second round, and his challenger showed no signs of slowing. As he hobbled back into the ring for the final round, one thought played over and over in his mind: Stay close to Johnny, stay close to the froth.

First 1965: Johnny Carson presented lifetime pass to all Orange Julius stores in America. Then 1966: Sidekick Karate Tournament ensues. McMahon emerges victorious.
First 1977: Orange Julius opens in Hong Kong. Then 1978: Fu Manjulius mustache trend overtakes fashion world.

Give and it will come back to you. The froth had finally traveled east…far east, bringing curiosity and delight to the lips and hearts of that cosmopolitan city on the South China Sea. Where many shoulders rub together genius soon appears. The sudden appearance of the Fu Manjulius proved just as mysterious and desirable as the Julius Original itself…

Devotees to the Julius Original had created a way of life for their children. And their children’s children. But what of their children’s children’s children? The malls were filled with froth, but the kids wanted something not only refreshing, but filling as well. A substantial revolution was underway: the Premium Fruit Smoothiewas close at hand. Totally. Fer shur.

First 1985 Orange Julius debuts the Julius Cream Supreme Then 1986 Peace talks held at Camp David to reconcile smooth and frothy differences.
First 2022 Sentinent robots overthrow Orange Julius franchises and assume command. then 2023 Robots grow despondent over inability to taste and short their own circuits.

Who knew the robot uprising would happen so quickly and effortlessly? I guess we never should have outfitted them with laser guns, but hindsight is 20/20. Fortunately, someone did have the foresight to withhold the full sensory experience from our ungrateful friends, and now… well, their parts sure recycle nicely to make the blenders needed to produce more Julius Originals and Premium Fruit Smoothies!